Our Mission

Making It Happen Foundation (MIHF) was founded eighteen years ago by a distinguished board of Directors who all reside in the city of Detroit.

Our mission is to improve and sustain innovative, youth-centered technology and music programs within urban school districts and community based organizations.

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Our Programs

The HEROES Music Technology Program equips students with the skills to create exciting, unique compositions and pursue careers in the music industry as producers, sound engineers, song writers, digital media specialists and recording artists.

Students learn from industry professionals and learn industry techniques to produce original music compositions, commercial jingles, and musical scores for film, TV, online content and video games.


Music Production

Learn music production concepts, including composition, sound design, and sampling using Ableton Live. Students learn to create original music compositions and mashups.


Students in the songwriting programs will learne the entire process it takes to write a song, from ideation to writing lyrics, to recording and production.

Sound Engineering - Mix and mASTERING

Edit and mix digital music using Ableton. Students learn to use industry-standard plug-ins to finalize and polish tracks while exploring tools such as equalization, panning, time & space effects, and automation.


Students learn photography and creative content development skills using Canon cameras, Android, and Apple devices, Adobe Creative Studio and social media marketing.

I recommend the HEROES program to any high school student. You must be motivated, dedicated and make sure this is something you want to do.
Program Vocalist - Rita Brooks

“One of the major highlights of the program, was watching students deliver high level content everyday. Listening to their story, how much they knew about culture, 80’s and 90’s music. Just really to hear how much they were educated on music and to really see them excelling in their gifts.”

Elijah Conner The Four/ HEROES Tech Program Vocal Coach


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Get Involved

Youth and young adults who reside in the City of Detroit, also those who may or may not attend Detroit Public and Charter schools will benefit from funds raised through our gift giving campaign.

There is a growing demand for non-traditional creative service certifications, digital media and music technology specialists. However, trainings and certifications for specialized creative trainings are far and few in urban communities.

We are seeking to raise $50,000 with your support to continue our mission to cultivate and growth a new creative professional pool of individuals, with  tools and resources to become world class creative professionals, that  will contribute to innovative practices, creative content, best practice models and economic sustainability.

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I am very inspired by the out-puts of this innovative collaborative effort between Michigan State University and Making It Happen Foundation. The Coursera online platform has been the fuel that ignite and lights an additional pathway to higher education for Detroit youth and young adults.

I believe our collaborative effort has the potential to inspire sustainable community based change at a global level with endless possibilities.
Chetrice Gillon, CEO
Making it Happen Foundation